We love Brands for Canada! We have funded them for years, because they are Canada’s #1 cost-effective charity.

One of our favourites is the Suitable Impressions program. This program offers a full-day workshop for people on employment assistance that prepares them for transitioning into the workforce.

When you think back to your first job interview, do you remember how nervous you were, how you wanted to say all the right things to land the job? Now think about how incredibly stressful that experience would be if you were wearing threadbare clothes, if you had not been coached on how to handle yourself in an interview.

This program provides participants with the tools and tips they need to make that critical positive first impression with future employers.

They also receive six new work-related clothing items and a gift bag full of personal hygiene items, a cell phone and starter card (if needed), a haircut certificate from Donato Salons and financial literacy support by Credit Canada.

The icing on the cake is that the new clothes Brands for Canada acquires were originally destined for a landfill, even though they are perfectly good and brand new! The companies who partner with Brands for Canada understand that it’s not cool to dump, and that by donating their unsold merchandise, they are gaining positive brand recognition from consumers.