Prospective Grantees

Attention: We regret to inform you that we are not accepting new grant applications at this time. 

We Do Not Fund

  • Operating Expenses/Deficit Reduction

  • Salaries/Individuals

  • Research

  • Seminars

  • Tours/Conferences/Travel Expenses

  • Activities previously supported through government funding

  • Sabbatical leaves/Student exchanges

  • Religious or Political Organizations

  • Non-Canadian organizations (unless a formal link to Canadian charity exists)

We Do Fund

  • Canadian registered charities whose programs alleviate homelessness and/or hunger;

  • Hunger alleviation through fresh, healthy food;

  • Programs that foster dignity when addressing homelessness;

  • Programs that alleviate homelessness and hunger among Aboriginal peoples;

  • New, untested projects which address homelessness and hunger.


Granting Process

Grantee Application Review (2 to 6 months)

  • After your application is received, our staff may contact you with clarifying questions.

  • Those applications which best fit the Sprott mandate to alleviate homelessness and hunger will will be presented to the Board for approval. (Board meetings occur four times per year.)

  • Once a Board decision is made, you will be informed writing, with the grant amount, duration and terms.


After the Decision (2 site visits)

  • We will contact you to schedule an initial site visit.

  • The second site visit is impromptu, conducted to ensure integrity of programs before grants are made.

  • If all is in order after site visit two, the grant will be awarded.

  • In addition, intermittent site visits after a grant has been made are required.