$160,000 gift made to their Nursing Program, with a specific focus on funding advanced Foot Health and Care for Toronto’s homeless.

Homeless and marginally housed people don’t receive adequate foot care. Imagine a homeless person walking around in ill-fitting shoes and sleeping in the wet and cold outdoors. Now imagine a pebble ripping up their foot because they have diabetes and the nerves in their foot no longer feel pain.

The homeless person winds up in the Emergency Rooms of our hospitals and what could have been prevented is now a serious problem.

Why did The Sprott Foundation like this proposal so much?

  • It is innovative.
  • It can be replicated.
  • It solves a challenge in a pragmatic way.
  • It saves the health care system money by offering preventive care rather than reactionary treatment.

We love to fund projects that prevent a problem from intensifying/multiplying.